In a fast-moving world, time is extremely valuable. Online shopping is a standard that almost everyone can afford – now people want even more, which is making the shopping process as easy as possible by shortening the purchase path. This is where tools like the one created by 100shoppers.com come in handy. The company designed the Where-To-Buy widget. It is a multifunctional tool hidden in the form of a button. After pressing it, the customer is shown a list of possible online stores that offer the product.

At the same time, this solution provides valuable information useful in the process of creating and optimizing sales campaigns. Thanks to it, the brand can track data related to customer choices and information related to products – their price, quantity at individual sellers, popularity of models, etc.

Company name: 100 SHOPPERS
Company address: Królowej Jadwigi 43
Zip Code: 61-871
City : Poznań
Phone :
WWW: https://100shoppers.com/

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