Visual Watermark – fast and easy watermark photo app

Looking for a watermark photo app for image formats like JPG, PNG or CMYK and others? Try Visual Watermark! It is a software that is operative on Windows and Mac (latest versions) which provides its users with a set of fonts, ready-made templates, logos as well as icons, but you can also upload your own materials and work on your custom brand visuals. The program is simple, doesn’t require any experience in watermarking, and comes with a step-by-step guide. You can download it for free from and test it for 30 days. The app includes many easy to use features such as: batch watermarking, the possibility of changing the name or a size of a picture, watermark amending to fit the size and style of a picture (like alternating the size or a location of a watermark on the photo, adding backgrounds and shadows, or changing the opacity of a text or a icon). Additionally the software allows its users to ensure an extra safety of their works by affixing the individual copyright metadata that protects your photos from automated watermark removal. Most users don’t like to use online software for watermarking due to the concern about giving unintentionally the access to uploaded materials. Visual Watermark eliminates this risk as it operates only on your computer on materials from the hard drive and you may work completely offline with it, which makes watermarking faster, more convenient and safe. The ultimate merit of this watermark photo app is its swiftness and availability – you can work anywhere, without Internet connection and batch watermark up to 1 gigabyte of photos in less than a minute. Watermarking made easy, secure and effective! Remember that free use of Visual Watermark is also free from ads, registration, hidden payments, and you can test all the features. The “Trial Version” watermark will be attached to all you watermarked pictures as it is only a free version of this software. To enjoy watermark photo app’s full version, buy it with a full 30-day money-back warranty.

Visual Watermark
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